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Vaughan condo prices up vs Downtown Toronto
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Not all is equal in the wake of Covid: Vaughan condos

Look at price trends over the past 3 years for Downtown Toronto vs Vaughan condos: After the pandemic hit, Downtown Toronto condo prices went down and are now averaging what they did about 3 years ago. In contrast, Vaughan condo prices have held strong. They actually peaked higher in November 2021. Downtown Toronto condos haven’t […]

downtown toronto condo prices down 2021
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Downtown Toronto Condo Prices Over the Years

Welps, here’s a snapshot of downtown #condostats over the past 7 years. New listings have never been as high as they have been over the last quarters.  They haven’t taken this long (~5 weeks) to sell in 5 years. And ofc prices are averaging what they did about 3 years ago.  This is presumably due to the […]

toronto downtown condo prices down 13%
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Damn Daniel. Downtown Toronto Condo Prices Down Over $102,000

It’s been a while so I thought I’d share something a bit *faux French accent* dramatique When in reality, this is not so much daunting as it is expected. Somewhat. Toronto condo prices have been SOARING esp over the past 4 years, from y’know, that somber spring of 2017 where we saw stricter rules dampen […]

jan 2021 market stats greater toronto
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January was HOT for Toronto Real Estate. Condos Excluded

Which properties saw the most price growth? Detacheds. Pickering. 42% y’all. That’s 364K UP in one year. On avg. Jan 2021 vs Jan 2020. Am I really typing theses numbers? I swear I did a double take. That’s more than the avg price of a WHOLE darned detached in Oshawa 7 years ago. 41% – […]

waterfront condo stats
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Downtown Toronto’s Prime Waterfront Condos Drown, I mean, Down 9%

Love when people #AskCondoStats about my favourite neighbourhoods. Harbourfront, East Bayfront, Waterfront..whatever you want to call it. Queen’s Quay baby from Bathurst through Parliament. The east side of it in particular has been poppin’ with new developments over the past years and still has a long way to grow (despite the current hiccup that we’ve […]