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Downtown Toronto’s Prime Waterfront Condos Drown, I mean, Down 9%

Love when people #AskCondoStats about my favourite neighbourhoods. Harbourfront, East Bayfront, Waterfront..whatever you want to call it. Queen’s Quay baby from Bathurst through Parliament. The east side of it in particular has been poppin’ with new developments over the past years and still has a long way to grow (despite the current hiccup that we’ve all grown tired of even mentioning at this pt).

How did Covid19 affect Toronto core’s waterfront communities?

Prices are down about 9% year over year – i.e from the high 600s to low 600s on avg.

Condos that took 2.5 weeks to sell a year ago, take 4 weeks now.

With this surplus of inventory, there has been about 3x as many sales.

harbourfront, waterfront toronto condo stats

Is NOW a good time to buy there or will we see prices falling more throughout the year?

Depends on how soon things return to a norm ..y’know, if we ever return to a norm 😅

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