jan 2021 market stats greater toronto

January was HOT for Toronto Real Estate. Condos Excluded

Which properties saw the most price growth?



42% y’all.

That’s 364K UP in one year.

On avg. Jan 2021 vs Jan 2020.

Am I really typing theses numbers?

I swear I did a double take.

That’s more than the avg price of a WHOLE darned detached in Oshawa 7 years ago.

41% – Ajax. 39% Whitby. 36% Oshawa. etc.

Welps, that explains where some of Downtown Toronto condo prices have gone.

You’re probably aware Durham, or the eastern part of Greater Toronto has experienced immense demand and therefore UNBELIEVABLE price growth post-covid. This is because it was the most affordable part of the city, so those who were fleering their core condos rushed Durham for a new luxury: backyards and a few metres of extra .. air .. from neighbours.

For example, Ajax homes that were averaging less than 715k in January 2020 were at about 975k within a year.

Where did most sales take place?

How much are home prices up?

Are condo prices down post covid?

What are the most affordable options for buying a home in Greater Toronto?

Take a look at the Tableau for the answers to those kindsa questions and more. If you’re still curious about any specifics regarding your neighbourhood, feel free to leave a comment below or over on insta and we’ll report back.

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